Web Application

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed WEB-ENABLED our existing @utomated Milk Procurement System (@MPS) for our client’s needs. In the development process, the product has gone through various research and development cycle and rigorous testing process, while assuring best of its quality.

Product Features

  • Web Enabled – You can access in any part of the world
  • Data Security & Directly stored in Server- So there is No chance of  Malfunction/Edition
  •  Weigher and Analyzer will be connected to the web page.
  • Session Based Authentication
  • Client & Server side Validation
  • Encrypted Data Storage & Transfer
  • Customized Reports(Section wise(AM,PM) Period Bill) in pdf format
  • Fast loading & Data security
  • Online Data Monitoring
  • Online data sharing
  • Online Report generation
  • Online billing

Window Application

General features of the “Automated Milk Procurement System”

  • Desktop Application
  • User friendly
  • Sophisticated and efficient user interface
  • Fully server integrated/Stand alone (Desktop) System Support
  • Powerful security Feature
  • Hardware Integrated
  • Customized Data Flow for print and to Generate Reports
  • Send Data to Print.